Happy Xmas John Lennon

[Verse 1]
            A                                                  Hm
So this is Christmas        and what have you done
       E                                                         A
Another year overand a new one just begun
  A7                     D                                       Em
and so this is Christmas I hope you have fun
                               A                                         D
The near and the dear one the old and the young

D7                       G                                              A
A very merry Christmas    and a happy New Year        
                                         Em       A                       D     E
Let’s hope it’s a good one     without any fear

[Verse 2]
                            A                                   Hm
And so this is Christmas for weak and for strong
                              E                                       A
For rich and the poor ones the road is so long
   A7                       D                                      Em
And so happy Christmas   for black and for white
                          A                                         D
For yellow and red ones   let’s stop all the fight

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